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Cryptex Combination Safe

$21.45 $17.95


A small 5 digit combination safe. As noted by the creator, this safe is “ideal for storing small valuable items that need the kind of security that only comes form a pocket sized safe made of plastic”.

This item is available in either a single colour or dual colour print and comes with 1x lid, 1x bottom, 5x outer rings, 5x inner rings, 1x inner shaft, 1x bottom lock and 1x locking tool. Colour 1 is the parts shown in dark green in the image and Colour 2 is the parts shown in light green in the image.

The combination can be set by the user at any time by utilising the locking tool while the safe is unlocked.

Created by SavageRodent. Reproduced under terms of the CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.